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Client success is a priority at Solstice. It drives everything we do. Strategic insights, creative solutions, eye-catching design, engaging copy, targeted digital, efficient media and a host of other services we offer, all work to achieve one goal – results.

See for yourself why some of Alaska’s top companies and organizations trust us with their brands.

We have three unique specialties:

● communicating with rural audiences
● repositioning and strengthening established brands
● providing government organizations strategic messaging

– Our Work –

Health Care

As one of Alaska’s fastest growing industries, it’s important to have messaging that is adaptable, distinctive and reaches the desirable audience. From providing targeted health care communications for rural and Native audiences, to helping industry related businesses stand out among the competition, Solstice is ready.

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As a subsidiary of Calista Corporation, the second largest Alaska Regional Native Corporation, Solstice understands Alaska Native organizations and their mission to serve communities and preserve culture. When it comes to reaching this audience, how you say it is just as important as what you say. Solstice Advertising is Alaska’s leading agency for communicating with the Alaska Native audience.

Other Clients:

Resource Development

Alaska is rich in resources, from the kind you have to dig out of the ground to its fish-filled streams and roaming wildlife. Alaskans value these resources in a variety of ways and Solstice Advertising has partnered with many organizations involved in the responsible development of our state.

Other Clients:


Nonprofits are the glue of our communities, bringing many causes and important values to light. From fundraising challenges to forming meaningful community engagement, it can be difficult for many nonprofits to communicate their value and expand their reach. Solstice is the best at helping nonprofits create a communications strategy with effective deliverables on a tight budget and schedule.

Other Clients:


Do you know how people feel about your brand? Are you using that knowledge to direct your communications strategy? Luckily, Solstice has a large and ever growing toolbox to help your brand stand out among the competition, providing results and a return on investment. From building a brand, to developing a communications plan and functional website, Solstice can help any business – new or expanding – achieve its marketing goals.

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As a developing state, Alaska is dependent on its commercial sector to provide the goods and services for our expanding economy and infrastructure. Commercial businesses can be very competitive in the Last Frontier, which is why it’s important your brand stands out.

Solstice is ready to provide strategic insight and help you see around the corner in the marketplace.

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– This or That –

One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is to create multiple design options the client gets to choose from for their project. Not all of them can be picked, and our designers can make it really tough with their amazing skills. Take a brain break, enjoy some great design and choose the version you would pick if you were the client.


Choose the Creative

– Our Services –

After reviewing a client’s specific needs and challenges, we assemble a team with the most appropriate industry experience and the skills best suited for the particular project. This team is involved with the project from start to finish, ensuring that each member shares an intimate understanding of the client’s business objectives and challenges.

What does all that mean for you? You’ve got an awesome team focused on your marketing and advertising needs.

  • Traditional & Social Marketing
  • Branding & Brand Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations
  • Media Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Video & Media Production
  • Market Analysis & Research
  • Integrated Communications
  • Unicorn Wrangling
  • Mobile Development
  • Time Travel Portal

– Our Team –

  • Brad_At_Work_200x200_BW
  • Brad_BW_Cropped_Web-200x200

Brad Fleming Art Director

The Basics

  • Made his very first television commercial at age seven
  • Has hung out of a helicopter above shark infested water to get the perfect shot
  • Once found himself knee deep in cow manure (we’re not asking questions)

Ideas that work

Brad was raised in the advertising world, starting at his father’s agency in high school. His print, broadcast and digital work has been recognized in national and international awards shows and publications. More importantly, his creativity has successfully launched new products that far exceeded sales expectations. (That’s what really gets him excited.)

One of Brad’s favorite advertising quotes is from George Lois and reads: “Creativity can solve almost any problem — the creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.”

  • Delaney_Elyse_Web

Elyse Delaney Copywriter

The Basics

  • A huge fan of felines
  • Not a fan of coffee and somehow made it through her college career without it
  • Loves to run and completed her first half-marathon this past summer


Elyse is an advertising hybrid, bringing a broad range of experience from different disciplines to the Solstice table: account manager, social media coordinator and blogger, just to name a few. This Vandal (as in, U of Idaho grad) is obsessive about merging creative ideas, solid strategy and grammatically flawless copy into effective communications for her clients. When she’s not exercising her versatile ad skills, Elyse spends time jogging with her favorite running companion – Molly, a nine-month-old Husky.

  • Spano_Laura_BW_cropped
  • Laura_S_At_work_200x200_BW

Laura Spano Client Insights

The Basics

  • Favorite way to travel: helicopter (well, she’s ridden in one twice)
  • Preparedness junkie – she’s always ready for the next big one
  • 100% Alaskan but just happens to be from Colorado

Shake It Up

Laura is someone you want around in an emergency: with nearly three years working at the American Red Cross, she has multiple certificates in disaster response operations. She brings not only her quick reflexes and thinking to Solstice, but also her background as both a designer and a marketing strategist. She is able to efficiently and effectively listen to your ideas – and then, with her team, add to them. She has been actively involved for years with the marketing and communications community in Anchorage, mixing her nonprofit expertise with the world of advertisers, marketers, designers and businesses of all scopes.

Laura has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Washington State University.

  • IMG_0023edited_BW_Cropped_Web
  • Niki_At_Work_200x200_BW

Niki Engstrom Art Director

The Basics

  • Ogled Gill Sans’ original sketches while studying in London
  • Grew up in Minnesota; thinks Alaskan winters are better
  • Has a lab/malamute named Tux who is quite the gentleman

Take Notes

Niki has a love for typography and studied it the way a helioseismologist studies the sun. As a freelancer, she even designed custom stationary for others to put their handwritten type on. But her design experience goes beyond making words look pretty: Her career began when she was a Golden Gopher (that’s the University of Minnesota’s mascot), where she was employed at The Minnesota Daily as the creative and production advertising manager. There, she led her creative team to win six national CNBAM awards, including the Best in Category for Digital Rate Card/Media Kit.  Niki also served as the vice president of UMN’s AIGA student chapter.

With both her years of agency and freelance experience, Niki brings a love of creativity and crisp design to the Solstice Advertising team.



  • betty

Betty Brownson Web Developer

The Basics

  • Drives autocross competitively
  • Was a chef at Crow’s Nest restaurant
  • Dreams in source code

Recipe for Success

Betty approaches her discipline with the goal of designing beauty and function. As a former business owner, she brings an entrepreneurial spirit to every project. A mother of two, this lifelong Alaskan leads an adventurous life outside of work as well. Betty can be found flying small planes, building log cabins, hunting, fishing and, on occasions, making dresses. She does admit to one shortcoming… never successfully keeping a potted plant alive. We’re certain she’ll master the horticulture thing eventually.

  • robert

Robert Manley Copywriter

The Basics

  • Once partied with David Lee Roth of Van Halen
  • Is an aspiring oenophile without the pretense
  • Enjoys experimenting with the English language

Passionate Scribe

Robert loves advertising, when it’s done well. He still gets excited by the potential in every new project. He believes that every communication should be unexpected, relevant and compelling. Robert has practiced his craft at a range of international agencies (TBWA, Ogilvy & Mather, et al) in a variety of locations (Dallas, Detroit, Sofia, Bulgaria) for a distinguished list of clients (Cadillac, Nissan, Absolut Vodka).  Robert’s favorite advertising quote is from Lee Clow: “Make it smart. Make it beautiful. Make it fun.”

  • Elizabeth OToole

Elizabeth O'Toole Media Relations & Accounting Tech.

The Basics

  • Makes sure all projects are accounted for financially
  • Drives a mustang (in the winter)
  • Will always win in a media-buying knife fight, FYI

Your Favorite Bill Collector

Not everyone is born with a phone voice, but Elizabeth is a natural when it comes to providing great customer service for all of Solstice’s clients. From managing billing to launching multi-tiered multi-channeled media buys, Elizabeth is always on top of it. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management with a focus on accounting and is truly a 10-key number crunching extraordinaire.

  • michelle
  • MIchelle_at_work_200x200_BW

Michelle LeKites Client Insights

The Basics

  • A client’s point of contact
  • Is a mom of four and has an MBA from the University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Can beat most guys in racquetball

Listening + Strategy = Michelle

Michelle is like a client communications therapist; she wants to know everything about your brand and all of its problems. She then becomes the messenger and shares the information with her team to bring the client solid solutions. She consistently keeps track of the production schedule and makes sure everything is on time and on budget. Her years of volunteer experience for many nonprofits combined with running her own businesses give her the perfect balance between being human and understanding the bottom line. Michelle is the kind of tactical manager you’ll want to go to bat for your brand.

  • lincoln
  • Lincoln_At_work_200x200_BW

Lincoln Garrick President

The Basics

  • Runs the joint
  • Was named Anchorage’s Top 40 Under 40 (once upon a time)
  • Holds an MBA from Alaska Pacific University

Why He’s the Boss

Lincoln is the kind of company leader who’s the first one in and the last one out. He also comes up with creative ideas and strategy that leave you saying, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” With his years of experience in advertising for a vast array of businesses and organizations, Lincoln knows how to help any client achieve their communication goals under any kind of timeline and budget. He is always able to get to the heart of what a client is trying to convey to their audience and supports the Solstice Advertising team in turning solid ideas into tangible results.

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